Going Green

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This is not necessarily what I would have expected from Fortnite, a live service game that relishes its opportunities to hold events of any kind, lavishing weeks-long celebrations on major holidays like Christmas and Halloween with plenty events of its own making in-between. Which is why it’s a little strange that we’re seeing such little fanfare for St. Patrick’s Day, but who knows what’s going on with Epic’s production schedule.


New Skin!!!!!

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The new skin is legendary tier, which will set you back a pretty penny at 2,000 V-bucks (about $20), but for many, myself included, it’s totally worth it. The skin is Krampus, the Christmas demon of storybook lore, and he shows up in Fortnite looking like a cross between The Grinch and Gene Simmons with a ludicrously long tongue.

Elite Agent Update

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Epic Games has done lots of updates lately and this update is a very great one. The elite Agent skin can now have it’s helmet removed when you pick it in the locker. The Elite Agent has been around since Season 3 and I think that you can’t get this skin anymore. So, this update will be the best for the people who have the Elite Agent Skin.

The Undo Purchase Button

Fortnite will be releasing a new update for the popular Battle Royale game that will see it introduce a button that allows players to undo a purchase. Previously, developer Epic Games had stated that it planned to introduce a refund token system to help alleviate some of the buyer’s remorse its players were feeling, but the undo button appears to be a major upgrade to that feature. For the undo button, you can cancel your purchases.

8.01 Patch Update

Season 8 was only out for a week and Epic Games is already putting out an update. Epic just released an update that you can find a map. The map shows where hidden loot is and i think that is really helpful. This map can be found in chests or drop anywhere. So, its simply just loot.

How to use the map

Once you get a map, it will enter your inventory. Select it, and a location will highlight on the map, leading you to the buried treasure. Sticking with the pirate theme of Season 8, the “X marks the spot” cliche is used and once you get to the highlighted location, there will be a literal X marking where to dig.

I think that the Storm should be changed!

Fortnite season 8 had been a bit exiting. Fortnite has been doing lots of updates lately but I think that they should change the storm by its look. Just from the volcano, the storm should be changed to a red purple color. I also think that the storm should affect your shield too. Epic Games should add like a creature that is in the storm that can find and attack a player. And that’s how you know that the storm should be changed.

Drum Gun Back But…..

Well… the Drum Gun can only be seen in the LTM game mode called “Unvaulted”. If your really exited, then you will probaly hurry to pick up this weapon because you haven’t seen it in so long. Guns in the past were also vaulted or took out of the game for similar reasons. There will probably be plenty of other weapons that will be able to combat the Drum Gun efficiently. Make sure you don’t miss out your chance to use the drum gun because unvaulted is a limited time gamemode.

Fortnite Season 8

As you know comming out and I wish to stay up but I really need my sleep for school! According to the active in-game countdown that appears above the Season 7 battle pass, Season 7 is scheduled to end right around 2 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, February 28, 2019. Usually, downtime for the installation of each new season begins at 4 a.m. with the next season going live around 90 minutes later. These precise times do vary on occasion, especially when it comes to the transition between seasons. It’s possible that Season 7 will end at 2 a.m., Epic will take down the servers starting at 4 a.m., and Season 8 could go live right around 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. So see what is in the battle pass!

You Can Get The Season 8 Battle Pass for FREE!

You can get the season 8 battle by completing 13 of the overtime challenges by February 27! The Season 7 Battle Pass is no longer offering any new weekly challenges and gamers are waiting for the arrival of new season content in two weeks. This gives you extra time to catch up on season 7 challenges, but Epic is also adding what it calls Overtime challenges. So you better finish the 13 challenges!