About Fortnite Battle Royale


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Fortnite Battle Royale is a free game that is developed by Epic Games. Fortnite Battle Royale Can have up to 100 players each server. The last player standing gets a cool special effect that says “Victory Battle Royale”. That feeling is the luckiest feeling when you win that game. Lets learn about whats happening about the Fornite Community


Loot Carriers

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what a loot carrier is: they were only added last week, and they’re surprisingly hard to spot if you’re not looking for them. They’re little drone-looking sort of things that hover around in the sky, filled with sweet loot. It’s not unlike Amazon’s drone package delivery prototypes, but if those drones were used exclusively to transport guns, ammo and mysterious blue potions.

Burst SMG

The new Burst SMG looks like a good Fortnite: Battle Royale weapon, and that’s it. There’s nothing special about it, except that its burst fires four shots instead of the usual three of previous burst weapons. But players have already found a way of making this fourth shot count a lot. There’s a situation in which someone using the Burst SMG can make a player hiding behind a wall take apparently unavoidable damage. But players have already found a way of making this fourth shot count a lot. There’s a situation in which someone using the Burst SMG can make a player hiding behind a wall take apparently unavoidable damage. 


Fortnite just received a client-side patch labeled update version 2.23 on PS4. The small download addresses issues with in-game replays and localization. Epic Games discussed the update via a tweet Thursday afternoon. Epic Games is no stranger to releasing interstitial updates like these in between major patch releases. During several weeks throughout Fortnite Season 8 developers pushed quick resolutions to alleviate weapon glitches, crashing, framerate issues and to improve overall game stability. This is, however, the first time we’ve seen an update of this kind during Fortnite Season 9. Today’s Fortnite update arrives just two days after the major version 9.10 patch. In that update, players were introduced to in-game Hot Spots and a still-expanding collection of Downtown Drop Challenges.

New Tacitcal Assualt Rifle!

Epic is constantly ‘changing the meta’ by altering weapon characteristics, adding or simply dropping weapons from the available arsenal. The new Tactical Assault Rifle takes the game a step further away from Close-Quarters-Combat and tries to open up the mid-range. They recently added the combat shotgun and now therre’s the AR. This is a p90, drumgun, and scar mixed all together. The old ‘meta’ for Fortnite was to hit someone with a pump shotgun and finish them with a spray of bullets from the SMG. In CQC this combo was so hard to counter that Fortnite just eliminated this style of play.

John Wick Back?

Along with promoting the new John Wick movie, this limited time event is also part of the kick-off of Fortnite season 9. This future-themed season has a bunch of new sci-fi loot to collect and mysterious “Fortbyte” artifacts to decode. And if you’re interested in a John Wick game that has nothing to do with Fortnite, look forward to the upcoming action-strategy game John Wick Hex from acclaimed indie developer Mike Bithell.

Found John Wicks Home!!!

John Wick has been a part of the Fortnite lexicon for a long time now, a reference to the most famous tier 100 skin in the game’s history, a man named “Reaper” who was very much designed to look like Keanu Reeves’ Wick, but without the official license. Rather than sue Fortnite for a zillion dollars like everyone else, Legendary Pictures is actually partnering with Epic to help promote John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, out next week. That will involve some sort of LTM mode that will debut next week ahead of the premiere, but that’s not all.

The New Vaulted Pump!!!

We want the beginning of each Season to feel fresh and allow for a new gameplay experience along with all the new Seasonal content. Whether its new cross-map mobility, new weapons, or just new places to drop – you should feel like there is plenty to explore and experience. Specifically when it comes to Pump Shotguns, they stand out significantly: they currently account for over 26% of eliminations in default playlists, with the next weapon type not even coming close. Our goal with the Combat Shotgun is to provide an item that fills a similar niche, but with a different risk and reward. We’re excited to see how you all use the new shotgun and look forward to your feedback on this shift.

Are you getting Fall Damage in Tilted Towers?

An instant death spot, at least in Fortnite terms, is an area on the battle royale map in which a player will instantly be eliminated with no outside interference. In some past instances, players report being eliminated due to ‘fall damage’ in these areas. Others cause death for no apparent reason. Epic has acknowledged reports from players in confirming a new instant death spot that will be fixed soon: the cellar of Knepley’s Pawn Shop in Tilted Towers. Though you may not be familiar with the name, you’ve no doubt visited this area before.

The pawn shop is the small building located just behind the clock tower next to the overpass. This building, which has survived through multiple seasons, features some crates hiding a hole in the floor. If you go down that hole, you’ll find a small cellar with two chests and some pallets…and, for now at least, you’ll also die instantly.

Search for the X

Fortnite’s Season 8, Week 10 challenges are upon us, and one of these tasks players with finding a Treasure Map on a Signpost in Junk Junction. Once you’ve interacted with the Signpost, you’ll get a Treasure Map. It will direct you where to find the Treasure–worth three Battle Stars on your path to Tier 100 and the Luxe skin. You’ll receive two Battle Stars simply for completing Stage 1 of this challenge, bringing your total for completing this challenge to five. Remember, you’ll need to complete each stage in a separate match, so either finish out your game or go get eliminated before heading to the Treasure location.