Item Shop For 12/18/18

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Alpine Skin

The Alpine Ace is an epic Fortnite: Battle Royale Outfit that was released to commemorate the South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics. A female version of the Alpine Ace outfit is also available, called: Mogul Master. Alpine Ace is one of the “Customizable skins” of Fortnite BR and is available in 8 different variations that represent various nations that took part in the Winter Olympics.



Llama Bell

The Llama Bell animation is a short animation where the player takes out a weird looking bell on one hand and strike it with a stick using the other hand to produce a clang sound that is said to summon Llamas.



Stage Dive Glider

The Stage Dive glider is a rare in a league of its own. With only half a sailcloth patched together by black and purple cloth, it surely does not seem like this glider will get you safely to the ground. Complementing the risky sailcloth there are spikes and stickers on the base making this the ultimate experience for any air guitarist.




Masked Fury

The Masked Fury outfit features a Mexican wrestler wearing a black wrestling mask with an inverted green star. The outfit features an exotic design that combines the colors of black, green, red, white and violet – designed to stand out on the ring. Unlike the Dynamo outfit, the Masked Fury also features a cool winged-star tattoo on the chest.


Ski Boot

This harvesting tool skin is a part of the Winter Ski Set that contains several items including the customizable outfits Mogul Master and Alpine Ace. The set was released to commemorate the 2018 Winter Olympics that was held in South Korea.



Job Well Done

The Job Well Done is the name of one of the uncommon emote animations for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Emotes are animations that showcase dance moves or gestures. Emote animations do not have any other function.



Scarlet Defender

The Scarlet Defender is a simple yet beautiful outfit that features white pants and a dashing vibrant red tank top for female characters. The outfit also comes with silver and red silky outlines, and a pair of shiny red gloves.


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