Item Shop For 12/5/18

  • Battle Hound(Skin)
  • Ventura(Skin)
  • Maverick(Skin)
  • Boneless(Emote)
  • Venturion(Skin)
  • Airfoil(Pick Axe)
  • Jugglin'(Emote)
  • Prisimatic(Glider)
  • Silverfang(Pick Axe)
  • Triumph(Glider)
  • Dragon Axe(Pickaxe)
  • Nitelight(Skin)


Battle Hound

The Battle Hound

The Battle Hound outfit features a bronze and leather armor with a blue cape and chain-mail battle armor. It also features a bronze wolf head with green glowing eyes. Even though the outfit appears to have a cape, it does not have a Back Bling.



download (15)


The Ventura is a superhero-themed outfit that features a silver skinsuit with golden linings and patterns, and a bold letter “V” in the middle. The outfit also features some silver bracers, shoulder pads, and a cool looking helmet with goggles. The Ventura is the female version of the epic Venturion outfit.



The Maverick features a male avatar wearing an orange leather jacket with a black hoodie under. The black hoodie features a white cobra decal at the front. The outfit also features simple blue jeans and comes with the Bat Attitude epic back bling.



The Boneless is the name of one of the rare emote animations for the game Fortnite Battle Royale. Emotes are gestures and animations that can be activated anytime during the game. However, emotes do not provide any benefits or other functions.




The Venturion outfit features silver Venturion:kin-tight spandex with gold linings and patterns. The outfit also features a silver full-face mask and a silver metallic left shoulder guard and gauntlet. The outfit is made complete with the letter “V” in the middle of the chest that makes it look like a super-hero costume.

download (16)

Air Foil:

The Airfoil turns the player’s default pickaxe into a slick-looking chrome covered blunt axe that is said to be designed for optimal aerodynamics. This pickaxe skin will not improve the efficiency of harvesting and gathering and does not have any other effect except aesthetical.

images (1)


Jugglin is a emote that your character can juggle thered balls in the air.



The Prismatic glider is a rare skin that makes your glider colorful. With its green, blue and purple colors people might just have that one extra look at you gliding towards the ground.



Silver Fang:

The Silver Fang is a cool-looking pickaxe skin that turns the player’s harvesting tool into a silver halberd /spear with a wolf-like animal logo at the top.




The Triumph glider skin is a silver glider with a golden logo decal with a giant letter “V” on it – suggesting that it is the glider pair of the outfit called Venturion. This glider skin does not provide any gameplay advantages to the player.


download (17)

Dragon Axe:

The Dragon Axe skin will turn your harvesting tool into a fancy weapon-like pickaxe decorated with two red dragon heads and golden metallic outlines.


download (18)

Nite Light:

The NiteLite costume covers the character into a dark outfit and black skin paint filled with neon light details and patterns. The entire costume is filled with neon lights of multiple colors displayed in a cool pattern. The costume also features a glowing pink pair of eyeglasses.


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