Why Is It Important To Not Talk In Class

You can’t talk in class because it can be disruptive, it can be disrespectful, and it can cause attention. Being disruptive can be very distracting to other people because they are quiet and your not. Someone can also think that they can talk because you are talking. It can also cause attention and it can cause the whole class talk.

Being disruptive is very annoying and distracting because it’s not fair when you can talk while others can’t. Being disruptive can also cause people to disrupt the class too. It can also cause somebody to stop doing their work. For example, When an earthquake disrupts, a tsunami can happen. Being disruptive can be a big problem.

Talking in class can be disrespectful because when your talking while the teacher is giving out instructions then others can’t really hear what the teacher is saying. For Example: When someone is giving a speech and your talking, then the person who is giving a speech is going to get distracted.

The Big part of not talking in class is when you can cause attention to others near you and can cause others to talk. Causing others to talk can cause the whole class to talk and can be very disrespectful to the teacher. For Example: If a earthquake happens it can make more cracks to the ground.

Talking is a good way of communication but its a bad way in class when not to be assigned to talk. Talking is very disruptive like a earthquake that can cause a tsunami. It is very disrespectful when someone up front is making an announcement and you are talking at the same time. Talking in class is going to cause others to talk more.


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